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一、 伦敦公共关系学院(雅加达分校)简介
Founded in 1992, the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) is a training and business development organisation that provides support to numerous multinationals, SMEs and NGOs in the UK and globally. Located in the very heart of London, LSPR has centres in Notting Hill Gate and Kensington.

LSPR specialises in the following areas:
• PR and Reputation management
• Risk, Issue and Vulnerability Analysis
• Crisis management
• Brand management
• CSR and Sustainability
• Business analysis and scenario planning

LSPR has an enviable client list and taught executives from some of the world’s leading companies and NGOs. With experience in over 20 countries, LSPR has been a pioneer of reputation management and pro-active analysis of issues in the corporate environment.
Training can be conducted for small groups or individuals, and can be tailored as required. LSPR uses its own TSIG technique, which stands for “training, solution, insight-generation”, which differs from conventional training in that it combines business consultancy and development.

Our business development and consultancy is well established, with advice being given in areas such as message development, issue management, brand analysis and scenario development.

二、 项目介绍

The International Bali Workshop is a 10 days workshop that will be attended by London School of Public Relations -Jakarta( LSPR) students together with BNU students and lecturers/mentors.

The activities are:

- 5 days workshop/ seminar about a topic agreed by BNU and LSPR. At the end of the program, a project or presentation will be assigned to the students to work on by group depending on the kind of content and output that will be agreed upon by both universities. It can be a PR Campaign, business proposal, marketing plan, short film, advertising concept, etc.
- 2 day cultural visit around Jakarta and Bali
- 1 day free time


LSPR already have the following:
- Venue
- Accommodation*
- Supplier for the food during the、workshop (lunch & snacks)*
- Transportation provider (pick up/drop off at the airport, cultural visit, hotel to/from LSPR Campus)*
- Restaurant for Welcome Dinner at Jimbaran Bay

Video links:



LSPR-British Council-Web TV Asia (sample workshop project outcome)


LSPR-Universiti Teknologi Mara



The duration of the stay in Bali is 6 days but the workshop proper is only for 2 to 2-and-a-half days. Since the workshop package is a 6-day duration, we are planning to have the following itinerary:

*Tentative dates
Wednesday , 12 July 2017 - Arrive in Jakarta, cultural visit around Jakarta
Thursday, 13 July 2017 Workshop
Friday,14 July 2017 Free day
Saturday , 15 July 2017 - Arrive in Bali, Welcome Dinner
Sunday , 16 July 2017 - Cultural Visit/Team building activities
Monday , 17 July 2017 - Workshop
Tuesday , 18 July 2017 - Workshop
Wednesday , 19 July 2017 - Presentation/Awarding of Certificates, Free half day
Thursday, 20 July 2017 - Free day, last flight to Jakarta

三、 申请者条件
1. 热爱社会主义祖国,拥护改革开放政策,坚持四项基本原则,品德优良;
2. 学习成绩优秀,品行良好者,具有明确的学习计划和目的;
3. 申请者为北师大新闻传播学院全日制本科一年级、二年级、三年级学生;硕士研究生一年级、二年级学生;博士一年级学生;留学生。
4. 申请者须具备良好的英语能力(需提供四六级成绩单、托福、雅思成绩单或者其他相关资质证明);
5. 申请者本人需有经济能力,能够承担一定的暑期小学期项目费用。

1. 个人简历;
2. 个人成绩单;
3. 英语水平测试成绩单复印件:四六级成绩单、托福、雅思成绩单。(大一新生若没有英语相关证书,学院将进行统一英语口语面试)。